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Jennifer Caldwell, Mediator and Attorney

‚ÄčMediations are conducted either in-person at my offices in Fort Worth or through Zoom, as requested on a case-by-case basis. Look forward to working with you, Jennifer


I bring my decades of Texas Family Law experience to assist families in mediation. With that experience, I also bring a human understanding of the stress and toil a family law conflict brings to each individual.     

Intelligence, respect, compassion, and a wide-breadth of knowledge provide me the ability to assist in resolving the complicated legal and emotional requirements of a family law case. 

Please call or text (817) 427-9833 to schedule your mediation, or email us at [email protected]

Jennifer Caldwell

732 North Main St.

Fort Worth, TX 76164

(817) 427-9833 Tel

(817) 624-8691 Fax

[email protected]